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1st Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is likely to be on March 23rd – GloballyMEERI News

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In most Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Ramadan ul Mubarak is likely to occur on March 23.

The World Astronomical Center in Abu Dhabi has predicted that March 23 is likely to be the 1st Ramadan in most Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia.

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According to the center, the moon can be seen on March 22. The institute further says that it is not possible to see the moon on March 21 because its life will be over before sunset. Accordingly, the month of Sha’ban will be thirty days.

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In an earlier report, the astronomer claimed that on Wednesday, March 22, the moon will be visible in the eastern region through binoculars, while in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the continent of South Africa, the moon will be visible without binoculars.

From this point of view, the first post in the mentioned countries will be on March 23, while in other countries it is also likely that the first post will be on March 24.


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