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2 bikes collided on Multai-Chhindwara highway. 2 bikes collided on Multai-Chhindwara highwayMEERI News

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multai27 minutes ago

3 people died in a road accident in Multai in Betul district. The incident was reported at one o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, two bikes collided on the Multai-Chhindwara highway. In the accident, two cyclists died on the spot, while one person died in hospital.

Incident near Paradsingha

According to information, two motorcycles collided with each other near Pardsingha village on the Multai-Chhindwara highway. The collision was so severe that two people died on the spot. While one person died in hospital. All were brought to Multai Government Hospital by highway ambulance. Where the doctors declared death.

could not be identified

The dead include Chintu Uike, Sadhu Durve, a resident of Sai Handara. While efforts are made to identify one from the other. Due to not taking out mobile phone and ID card from them, there is a problem in identification.

2 died on the spot

Dr. Kamlesh Raghuvanshi posted on Highway Ambulance said that We received information that there was a traffic accident at Paradsinga. When he arrived at the place, he saw that two people had died. One is seriously injured. Immediately all three were brought to the government hospital in Multai. Where the doctor found 2 dead. While one died after reaching the hospital.

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