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A ‘Kidneys, Livers for Sale’ poster in Thiruvananthapuram rattles peopleMEERI News

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“Kidney, liver for sale,” was a poster that appeared outside a house in Manako, Thiruvananthapuram, making people initially think it was a prank played by someone or to troll the government.

Along with the advertisement, two phone numbers were given. When the numbers were dialed, they were found to be genuine. The man who put up the board was Santosh Kumar, 50, of Manacaud Putten Road.

Santosh stated that he was working in an orchard where he met with an accident while lifting a sack. He had to be treated, and now he has no money. He wanted to sell some of the family’s land at the junction in Monaco. However, there was a dispute with his brother over the land.

His brother told the media that the property was in the name of their mother and now in the name of six siblings, including Santosh.

Santosh said his wife used to take tutoring classes for children, but after Covid-19, that too stopped.

In such difficult conditions, the family said they had no other means except to sell the vital organs.


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