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Additional Charjelev – AndhrajyothyMEERI News

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Normal fares for Dussehra special buses

Ticketing is also possible with Phone Pay and Google Pay.

Plan to buy 700 buses: RTC MD

September 22nd by Andhra Jyoti: APSRTC will operate 4,500 special buses for passengers during the Dussehra festival, company MD Dwaraka Tirumala Rao said. He said there are no surcharges for the special buses and there will be regular fares. The special bus runs from the 29th of this month to the 7th of October, and passengers are encouraged to use the RTC service. He said these posts will be served on the bus with no retail issues. Along with swiping a credit card, tickets can be purchased through Phone Pay and Google Pay. 24/7 call center 0866-2570005, providing information to passengers via GPS tracking. He spoke to the press on Thursday with EDs Koteswara Rao and Brahmananda Reddy at the NTR’s administrative building in Vijayawada. With the Dussehra festival, Devi Navratri from Bejawada and Brahmotsavam from Tirumala in mind, advance arrangements have been made to avoid any inconvenience to passengers. He said 2100 buses are available for the Dussehra festival and 2400 buses are available for the return trip. He said that on the one hand there is a 100% share and on the other hand the RTC special bus fare will increase by an additional 50% during the festival. He said the scandal that commissions outweigh earnings is costing the company massively. Thus, it was explained that the fares for the Dussehra special bus did not increase even in Paisa.

Dusera’s ‘Starliner’…

According to RTC MD, non-AC Sleeper (Star Liner) buses introduced by RTC will be available in Dussehra depending on passenger demand. A total of 62 services will operate on congested routes, he said. He said the electric buses brought with the environment in mind will be available to passengers in the Tirumala Brahmotsavam era. They said they plan to purchase 700 new buses to provide better quality service to passengers.

The People’s Republic of China came into force on October 1st.

RTC MD said the PRC will come into effect on October 1st for paid employees. However, he said China’s increase will be met by the salaries of the 2,096 people promoted on November 1.

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