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Amazing Durga idols made of dust and coconut Durga idols by amazing artists – News 18 AssamMEERI News

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Pradeep Kumar Ghosh, the artist of Saju Dhuburi, created awe with his Durga statue made of coconut. Dhuburi-based artist Pradeep Kumar Ghosh, who has gained immense popularity over the last 20 years by creating Durga idols in various innovative materials, has once again created a sensation with Saju Hyshe.

On this day, Durga Pujat is decorated by artists who make Durga idols out of coconuts to create a spectacle. This Durga idol was built in last ten months. They will need another 3-4 days to complete the making of the idols.

It may be noted that jobar worship of Durga idols made of electric bulbs was also very popular. 1992 Durga idols were created in various materials like green leaves, plastic water bottles etc.

It is interesting to note that artist Pradeep Kumar Ghosh, even as a student, continues to create new works of art during Durga Puja. According to them, it was inspired by their devotion to Goddess Durga during puja.

On the other hand, Bullio also points out that if we build it by bringing in affordable materials to attract the younger generation to the art scene, we can increase entrepreneurship through work culture.

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