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Amazing – unimaginable! Shri Krishna becomes lean with hunger in this temple MEERI News

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This is such a unique temple in the world, which closes for only two minutes in 24 hours. Even during the eclipse period the temple is not closed. The reason is that Lord Krishna sitting here always feels intense hunger. If food is not offered, then their body dries up. Therefore, Bhog is always offered to them, so that they get constant food. Along with this, every devotee who comes here is also given prasadam (offering). The devotee is not allowed to leave here without taking Prasad. It is believed that the person who keeps its prasad on the tongue does not have to starve for the rest of his life. Shri Krishna always takes care of him.

One and a half thousand year old temple
Located in Thiruvarappu in Kottayam district of Kerala, this temple is about one and a half thousand years old. According to folk belief, Lord Krishna was very tired after killing Kansa. Hunger was also very high. His same deity is in this temple. Hence the temple remains open every day throughout the year. The temple closing time is 11.58 am in the day. It is opened after two minutes at exactly 12 o’clock. The priest has been given an ax along with the key to the lock of the temple. He is instructed that if there is a delay in opening the lock, then it should be broken with an ax. So that there is no delay in getting the Bhog to God. Since the deity of the Lord present here does not tolerate hunger, special arrangements have been made for their enjoyment. Naivedyam (offering) is offered to him 10 times.

*Adi Shankaracharya’s arrangement to keep the temple open*
Earlier it was closed like a normal temple. It was kept closed especially during the eclipse period. Then, by the end of the eclipse, his deity form was completely dry due to hunger. The waist belt used to slip down. Once during that time Adi Shankaracharya came to the temple. He also saw this situation. Then he ordered that the temple should not be closed even during the eclipse period. Since then the tradition of closing the temple ended.
The relationship between hunger and the Deity of the Lord can be seen every day during the Abhishekam. Abhishekam takes some time. Naivedya cannot be offered to them during that time. Therefore, at that time, first the head of the Deity and then the whole body dries up. This scene seems amazing and unimaginable but it is completely true.
* Shri Krishna worries about the food of the one who takes Prasadam.
Another belief is associated with this temple that the devotee who tastes the prasadam here, then for the rest of his life, Shri Krishna worries about his food. Not only this, he also takes care of his other needs. The priests make loud noises for the prasadam at 11.57 a.m. just before the closure of this ancient style temple. The only reason for this is that no devotee who comes here should be deprived of Prasad.
It is very interesting that the hungry God worries about the food of his devotees throughout his life. Such is the condition of their own hunger that in view of it the temple is kept closed for two minutes every day. The reason for this is to give God time to sleep. That is, Shri Krishna sleeps only two minutes in this temple.

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