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Anirudh Singh of Bribery Video and Encounter Specialist DSP Anirudh Singh are different: whose picture was released by the media, they have nothing to do with this incidentMEERI News

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There has been a bit of confusion in the media regarding the UP Police case. This is an unnecessary defamation of an IPS officer. In fact, an old footage of a UP police officer demanding bribe over a video call has gone viral. The person seen in the video turns out to be Anirudh Singh, a 2018 batch IPS officer. In the video, he is seen making a deal for a bribe of 10 to 20 million rupees. He was then posted as Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Varanasi Police Commissionerate.

The media reported this news, but got the picture wrong. The name of the one whose picture is uploaded is also Anirudh Singh. A police officer of UP who is currently posted as DSP in Chandauli. He has also played roles in many films. Big mainstream media organization like News24 also published the picture of Anirudh Singh of Chandauli who has nothing to do with this episode. Apparently he also got angry about the slander.

Making News24 realize its mistake, he wrote: “Wah re journalism! They are in such a hurry, the condition is that the person named Anirudh from all over India seems to refer only to me. The photo is mine, and the news is someone else’s, that is the height of slander. After this, “News 24” apologized and called it a human error. However, Anirudh Singh said that it will spoil his image in Google search, how is it possible to compensate?

The media organization had to delete this tweet as well. On the other hand, Anirudh Singh, who is an accused, was posted at Chetganj police station at that time. Then the case of rape of a student by an employee of a reputable school came to the fore. The names of some people from the school administration were also placed in the FIR. Negotiations were underway to remove this. Anirudh Singh’s wife Aarti is also an IPS. He is also facing a case of non-payment of rent to the landlord. While Anirudh Singh is currently the additional SP of Meerut, his wife Aarti is the additional SP of Varanasi.

In March 2021, Aarti Singh was announced as the first woman Additional Deputy Commissioner of Varanasi. The two got married in 2015. In 2016, both husband and wife took the IPS exam. While Aarti achieved success in 2016, Anirudh Singh donned the uniform in 2017. While Aarti got 118th rank in civil services exam, Anirudh got 146th rank. Aarti studies were done from Sonbhadra and then from Jabalpur.

On the other hand, Anirudh Singh of Chandauli, who has nothing to do with this episode, was earlier in the limelight in December 2021 when Samajwadi Party leaders had a falling out with him. Say about Anirudh Singh, a resident of Jalaun district, he joined the police force in 2001 and became a sub-inspector in Varanasi. His works in Budaun area are discussed all over Uttar Pradesh. It remains in the discussion because of its appearance. He also worked in films.

After this episode, DSP Anirudh Singh tweeted along with his picture, “Arrogance ends with demand, while values ​​of forgiveness are formed. Those who have the quality of forgiveness, they are always happy, they don’t even have enemies. Forgiveness is very important in a person’s life. If someone apologizes for the mistake, then the anger of the person in front of him goes away to a great extent. It also ties into this episode.

By the way, “News 24” is not the only organization that did this act. Earlier “TV9 Bharatvarsh” also did this. In one news, he broke the news of issuance of non-bailable warrant against DSP Anirudh Singh by putting his picture. It was also written that he was an investigator in a Jaffrabad murder case. The news about the stoppage of his salary also spread. After being pointed out, Anirudh Singh said that he had pasted fake news on TRP, in case he did not apologise, he too would be served with a defamation notice.

Op India spoke to Deputy SP Anirudh Singh on this matter. He said: “The media is asked to publish anything only after a lot of investigation. These days it is the age of the internet and after a while if someone searches my picture will come up. Such wrong things lead to the personal loss of good people.

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