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AOB shooting… Two Maoists killed… What happened?– News18 TeluguMEERI News

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Anand Mohan Pudipeddi, Visakhapatnam, News18.
Zhou: Suddenly, the agency was shocked.. It rang along with the sound of gunfire. When the gunshot (meeting) was heard fiercely, the surrounding tribes had to run away. Two Maoists were killed in a gunfight between Maoists and police at the border area. Andhra Pradesh – Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh) 30.10 with information about the presence of Maoists in Siksod under the Kanker region of the border. A joint team of the Kanker 81st Corps and the BSF was sent to the villages of Kadme, Kadri, Navgel and Alkanhar. Maoists fired indiscriminately at police units in the forest area of ​​Paschim village in the Kadme jungle, about 20 km from the Six Sword Police Station. As a result, the police opened fire on the Maoists in self-defense. After the shooting, the scene was searched and the bodies of two male Maoists were recovered from the site, along with a large number of Maoist weapons (ammunition, explosives, camping equipment).

The Maoists killed in the shooting have been identified as DVC Darshan Pedda, Parthapur Regional Committee Secretary, North Bastar Division Member and North Bureau Action Team Commander Jagesh Salanga. READ ALSO: Why the State Is Silent When the Country Suffers Pawan’s shocking remark that voting is a weapon. Several serious criminal cases such as murder, robbery and arson have been registered with various police stations. In the past, it has been confirmed that Maoists have been killed in vehicles burning in Metabodli Mines and shooting villagers in the village of Chargaon. READ MORE: A big shock to the Amaravati farmers.. The High Court dismissed the petition, but the institution area has been very quiet for a long time.. There has been no incident anywhere. There have been no recent fire exchanges. I thought the wave of Maoism had diminished. However, Maoists say they were struck by lightning at the location where the police were dispatched as part of the patrol. The police said they fired a counterattack to repel their attack. They also resisted fiercely. Read more: A big shock to Jagan Sarkar.. CJ leaves the Amaravati case investigation… Why? However, Maoist groups have denied this was a planned attack. Police are said to have warned of retaliation for the incident. Meanwhile, the situation in AOB remains tense. The search continued into the evening. It is said that the search is likely to continue on Wednesday morning.

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