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AP Assembly Budget Session: Governor Abdul Nazir praised the governmentMEERI News

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Andhra Pradesh Governor Abdul Nazir in his first address to the joint session of the Budget Session of the Assembly on Tuesday said that Andhra Pradesh has taken a step forward in economic development and is making remarkable progress in agriculture, industry and service sectors.

The business advisory committee (BAC) meeting, chaired by Speaker Thamineni Sitaram, decided to hold the session for nine days till March 24 and present the budget on March 16.

Nazir said, “The government is acting transparently. It also prioritizes its welfare schemes. All deserving people benefit directly without corruption. They (the government) have been providing good governance for four years now.”

He also pointed out that government schemes are being delivered to the doorsteps of all eligible beneficiaries. “We are making remarkable progress and have achieved a growth rate of 11.43 percent, and the state is a leader in economic development,” added the governor.

Highlighting the initiatives of the education sector in Andhra Pradesh, Nazir said, “The government is building 17 new medical colleges in the state, tribal engineering college established at Kurupam and Dr YSR University of Architecture and Fine Arts at Kadapa and providing financial assistance to children through Amma Wodi.

He further said that digital learning is a key element in education reforms and the government has distributed 5.2 lakh tabs worth Rs 690 crore to students, including bilingual textbooks. “(As many as) 43.26 lakh students have benefited through Jaganana Gorumuda at an expenditure of Rs 3,239 crore and AP is the only state to provide free higher education without financial burden to students,” Nazir said.

The governor also highlighted the 1.4 crore health booklets that were given to the people and the steps the government is taking to have two doctors in primary health homes. From YSR Jaganna colonies poor houses, YSR pension gifts on the first of every month are distributed by volunteers at the doorstep to distribution of 30.65 lakh house plots to women, financial assistance of Rs 24,000 per year to weavers under Nethana Nestham scheme, the Governor praised the government for the initiatives.

Underscoring the government’s social justice initiatives, the governor said, “56 new BC corporations, three for SC and one for ST have been formed in the state. Four deputies of the CM and 70 percent of the presidential seats of the ZP are given to SK, ST, SR and the minorities. Out of the total 137 posts of corporation chairman, 58 per cent seats are given to SC, ST, BC and minorities.”

He said that the state is giving 200 units of free electricity under Jagjivan Jyoti to 15.14 million SC and 4.5 million ST families and added that the state is moving ahead with the goal of waste-free and garbage-free villages. He added that the state leads in cleanliness research.


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