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Arguments sought between Feroze Khan and Alizah over child extradition requests, chargesMEERI News

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The Karachi Family Court has called for arguments over the petitions between Feroze Khan and Alizah regarding the transfer of children and expenses.

According to the details, a hearing was held in the East Karachi Family Court between the famous actor Feroze Khan and Alizeh on the applications regarding the transfer of children, expenses.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer filed a new petition against Alizeh, on which the court argued for arguments over the admissibility of the request.

The Sharqi Family Court adjourned the expense claim to Nov. 5, while the court postponed the extradition request for the children until Nov. 29.

Lawyer Feroze Khan Faiq Jagirani took the position that Alize had filed false documents with the court, Alize had not filed any application at the police station.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer said Alize tried to mislead the court. Action should be taken against Alizeh for attempting to mislead the court.

Alize’s lawyer took the position that we said no documents should be submitted to the police station. Alizeh was still married to Feroze Khan at the time.

Alize’s lawyer said Alize had not filed an application at the police station to save the future of the children and her marriage.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer has also filed a request for grandparents to visit the children.

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