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At Jantar Mantar, Kapil Sibal launches ‘non-electoral’ political platformMEERI News

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Launching the ‘non-electoral’ political platform ‘Insaaf’ at Jantar Mantar on Saturday, Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal spoke against the recent raids on opposition party members, the fall of elected governments and lynching incidents as he stressed the importance of justice. .

Sibal spoke about the need to form a people’s movement for justice and said that “the foundation of the Constitution is justice… economic, social and political”.

Talking about political justice, Sibal said, “You are overthrowing an elected government. Your governor, your speaker, no interference from the courts. They overthrew eight governments elected in this way. Have you heard of this happening anywhere else when an elected government is overthrown? This is not political justice.”

Sibal then spoke about the arrests of opposition members by the CBI and ED.

“When the ED looks at the map of India, they look at it from a bizarre point of view, they only see those states where the opposition party is in government,” Sibal said.

“Consider the Constitution as a vehicle. Modi ji is the driver, one wheel is the parliament, the second wheel is the election commission, the third wheel is the executive, which is in their possession, the fourth wheel is the judiciary they are trying to get that in their possession. When the driver owns all the wheels, then ED will say you can go anywhere. What kind of democracy is this? What kind of India will we make in future?

He also spoke about the recent lynching incidents: “Look what is happening in Bihar, some people were lynched there, look what is happening in Haryana… two people were burnt, people are coming to universities to commit violence. Are you going to shut down the students at UAPA?’

Talking about economic justice, Sibal said, “You may not know this; there are 80 crore people in this country whose monthly salary is less than Rs 5,000.

“India’s right now is Modi’s India, it is Amit Shah’s India, it is RSS’s India. Tomorrow’s India will make India for all… the country’s wealth is not made by industrialists, they create their wealth and go abroad. When young people go to universities, they think about change, how to make a scientific change… the violence that we see in our universities, then how do we see the birth of intellectual property? Put your own RSS vice chancellor, that standard of education you want, you will not get it. I want to stand for an alternative vision of India.”


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