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Chandrakant Khaire clarification on statement regarding congress mla spb 94 MEERI News

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Meeri News

Thackeray group leader Chandrakant Khaire claimed that Devendra Fadnavis has kept 22 Congress MLAs ready so that the government will fall if Shinde group MLAs are disqualified. After his claim, Congress state president Nana Patole had expressed displeasure and replied that those who could not manage their party should not talk about other’s party. Meanwhile, after Nana Patole’s displeasure, Chandrakant Khaire has given an explanation regarding his statement regarding MLAs.

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Explanation by Chandrakant Khairen

“I did not mean that BJP will destroy 22 Congress MLAs. Congress leaders are currently busy saying that the Quit India Yatra is going on. However, BJP leaders are waiting for an opportunity. BJP is running politics of divisiveness in the country. I did not intend to hurt Nana Patole. So, if they are hurt by my statement, I remove their displeasure”, explained Chandrakant Khaire.

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What exactly did Chandrakant Khaire say?

Thackeray group leader Chandrakant Khaire, speaking at an event organized in Sambhajinagar, claimed that 22 Congress MLAs are ready to join the government. “Devendra Fadnavis is brilliant. They have already kept 22 Congress MLAs ready as the government will fall if the MLAs of the Shinde group are disqualified. From this he will get his chief ministership. Because he did not get the post of chief minister, his face is so sad. During all this, their tactics continue”, Khaire had stated.

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The reply was given by various Patoles

Meanwhile, after this claim of Chandrakant Khairen, Congress state president Nana Patole had replied. “Those who could not manage their party have no reason to talk about other’s party. Those who have failed to manage their own party in power, have no reason to worry about another’s.” Such a reaction was given by Nana Patole.


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