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Chandravabu convoy attack is YCP’s job, TDP firepower… Ministers refute that it’s a drama – News 18 TeluguMEERI News

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TDP vs. YCP: Andhra Pradesh’s Politics Heats Up Once Again Chandrababu Naidu’s roadshow in Nandigama was tight. Chandrababu’s assembly was attacked. Chandravabu’s chief security officer (CSO) was injured in the attack. Another uproar over who was the thug who threw stones at Chandravabu’s vehicle has begun. AP TDP Chairman Atchannaidu responded to the incident. The stone attack on Chandravabu’s convoy was the culmination of the YCP’s violent politics. Chandrababu accused Jagan Reddy of sweating even while at AC after seeing the public reaction to the meeting. Achchenna asked what the police were doing when the party attacked the country’s president. Jagan Reddy challenged us by saying it’s a dream of a day to surprise us with wild politics. If Chandrababu really winks, will the situation with the YCP gang be in the hands of our activists? They were angry. He demanded that if the ring broke if the gangster had power in his hand, he should be arrested immediately.

TDP Politburo member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu also responded strongly to the incident. Yanamala Ramakrishna said it was cowardly to throw stones at Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy. This is a complete failure of the government. Yanamala Ramakrishnudu says Jagan is killing democracy in broad daylight. They said Jagan gave his workers permission to attack others and left them on the road. READ: A big shock to YCP…! Former Interior Minister Resigns! because..? However, the YCP is taking the same level of countermeasures against the incident of stones being thrown into the convoy of Chandravabu. Recently, Minister Jogi Ramesh responded. He is suspected of opening a new drama by Chandra Babu. This is one aspect of his poisonous political plot. He demanded an apology from the chief security officer. Minister Jogi Ramesh said Chandrababu threw stones at him. Jagan praised him for being a brave leader. Although he was arrested and sent to prison, he acted with restraint and won the hearts of the people. Read more: The right to build Bogapuram Airport. He expressed regret that the opposition party was making unnecessary accusations as the entire nation was on the side of self-righteousness. Secretary Jogi Ramesh said the TDP and Janasena leaders were conspiring to say one side was a lekki and the other a stone. He said that Chandrababu has now received a new song called Rai. They said they would find out who Chandrabababu Rai was with. Part-1 Pawan drama episode.. Part-2 Chandrababu drama episode is over. Minister Jogi Ramesh Churakulu said the episode will be available as part-3 tomorrow.

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