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Colombo; Pakistan won 7 gold medals in South Asian Sports Karate ChampionshipMEERI News

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Pakistan won 7 gold medals at the 6th South Asian Cadet Junior, Under-21 and Senior Karate Championships held in Sri Lanka.

At the championships held in Colombo, Pakistan’s Irshad Ali won the gold medal in the under-21 singles category. Irshad Ali won Pakistan’s second gold medal in the senior category.

Pakistan won third gold medal by defeating India in khatam khatam, fourth gold medal was won by Mah Gul in minus 61 kg, fifth gold medal was won by Humayun defeating India’s Gaurav Sandhya in minus 60 kg.

Arzu won Pakistan’s sixth gold medal by defeating India’s Shaam Bawar in the junior G Plus 60kg category. The seventh gold medal was won by Mubarak Ali, who defeated the Indian Karate Kaz in the minus eighty-four kilogram G class.

At the championship, Pakistan won a total of seven gold, eleven silver and eight bronze medals.


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