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Death of the righteous and the godlyMEERI News

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Almighty Allah says to Malik al-Mulat: Go to my friend, a kind of comfort and luxury, Malik Alamut takes with him five hundred angels, they have the heavenly shroud, the fragrance of the place and bunches of basil, on their heads. of which there are twenty colors, each color has a different fragrance The white silk fabric is wrapped in high quality musk. All come, Malik Alamut sits at his head, and the angels sit around him. With each on his limbs is placed that which is a heavenly gift and a little below it is placed white silk and musk. The gates of heaven are opened to him, and his soul is amused sometimes with heavenly flowers, sometimes with heavenly garments, sometimes with heavenly fruits, as people entertain a crying child, at that time they make him laugh and laugh at his desire. Seeing these scenes the soul intends to leave the physical prison very soon.
Malik Alamut says yes! O pure soul, go to the thornless berries and the laden nails and the long shadows and the springs of water, Allah, as the mother is kind to the child, the world of death will have mercy on him. is because he knows that this is the beloved God, if he is slightly hurt, my Lord will be angry with me. This is how he separates this soul from this body like a strand of sourdough.
As soon as the soul of the world of death seizes the soul, the soul tells the body that Almighty Allah will reward you for good if you were quick to obey God and slow to disobey God. You saved yourself, and you saved me too. And the body responds to the soul in the same way. All the parts of the earth where he worshiped God weep for forty days after his death. Similarly, all the gates of heaven through which his good deeds ascended and from which His Majesty descended and wept over him .
At the same time, those five hundred angels stand around the body and take part in the bathing, carry and apply their perfume before their scent and stand in two rows from the door of his house to his grave and begin to seek forgiveness for him. . At that time, Satan screams with such great pain that the bones of his body break and says: “My army!” You will be destroyed. How did you escape from your hands? They reply that it is innocent.
When he ascends with his soul to the land of death, Hazrat Jibril a.s. welcomes him with seventy thousand angels. Even his soul reaches the throne of God and falls in the wood on the way there. At the same time, Mr. Bari Almighty says place my servant’s soul in thornless berries and clove trees and long shadows and flowing waters. Then, when it is placed in the grave, prayer is performed on the right side, fasting is performed on the left side, the Qur’an is placed on the head, and prayer is performed on the feet. Patience stands on one side. A round of torment is coming, but the prayer from the right side stops it. It has always been awake. Now it finds some relief by coming to this grave. It is coming from the left side. Fasting does not allow it to come from here. It comes from Sirhane, hence the Qur’an and Zikr come to the fore by saying this. It comes from the side of the feet, hence stops walking for prayer. Therefore, for the beloved, there is stagnation from all sides and the punishment does not find a way from anywhere, he turns back. At that time Sabr says that I have seen that if this punishment is avoided for you, why should I speak? Otherwise I would have supported him, now I will come to his aid on the bridge and in the time of Meezan. Now two angels are sent, one is called Nikir and the other Munkar. Their teeth are like black. Flames come out of their breath. Their hair hangs under their feet. There is so much distance between their two shoulders. Their hearts are completely devoid of tenderness and mercy. There are hammers with each of them, which is impossible if the Rabia tribe and the Mudar tribe get together and want to lift it. As soon as they come, they tell him to sit down. Sit up straight. His veil falls to the side. They ask him! Who is your Master? What is your religion? Who is your prophet?
He was not freed from the Companions, they said, O Messenger of Allah! Who will answer such threatening angels? The Prophet s.a.v.s. What is the religion of the angels and of my Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who is the last of the prophets.
They say: “You gave the right answer, now let them cover his grave, from the right, from the left, from the front, from the back, from the head, from the feet.” It spreads forty cubits. he spread out two hundred cubits, covered forty cubits, and said to him, “Lift up your eyes.” He sees that the door of heaven is open, he says, friend of God! Because you accepted the word of God, this is your destiny.
The Holy Prophet s.a.v.s. says: For God in Whose hand is Muhammad’s life, the joy and comfort that his heart felt at that time is eternal. look He sees that the gate of hell is open. The angels say, “Look, God saved you from this forever.” Then his heart becomes so happy that that happiness does not disappear forever. Hazrat Aisha (R.A.) says that seventy gates of heaven are open for him from where the winds of Saba keep coming with fragrance and freshness. Until Allah the Exalted raised him from this sleeping place when the Day of Judgment was established. (Tafseer Ibn Kathir)

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