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Differences between the fair committee president and the members regarding the decisions of the fair. Differences between the fair committee president and the members regarding the decisions of the fair MEERI News

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quota29 minutes ago

The fight between two corporations, the fair should not be spoiled

Kota’s National Dussehra Fair is going to start from September 26, but this time it seems to be due to the delay of the officials and the tussle of the Mela Committee members. Now only 8 days are left in the fair, but now the tussle of the Mela committee members is also coming to the fore.

Mela committee president and Kota North Mayor Manju Mehra said that the mayor and committee members of Kota South Corporation do not participate in routine discussions. He is informed by phone and called but he does not come. In the same case, Mela committee member and mayor from Kota South, Rajeev Agarwal says that he has been present every time in the official meeting of the Mela committee. The meeting has been held thrice and attended it all three times. Now the decisions being taken in closed rooms are not included in the discussions that are taking place.

He said that he himself is constantly monitoring the fair to be filled with grandeur and inspecting the fair ground. But they do not join the discussion only when there is no official meeting. Now the members of the Mela Committee and the Mayor himself have also alleged that decisions are being taken in closed rooms. A day earlier, BJP councilors had also alleged that the fair committee president is doing the work of benefitting their loved ones by taking decisions in closed rooms.

tussle in officer employee also

Not only this, there is a tussle between the officers and employees of both the municipal corporations regarding the works of the fair. A few days ago, there was a lot of uproar in the meeting about which the officers and employees of both the corporations are putting work on each other.

The controversy started with the announcement of the committee

The Mela Committee is considered to be the most important among the Kota Municipal Corporation committees. With the announcement of the fair committee, it was decided that there would be a dispute among the members of the committee. First the committee was announced, then after a few days some members were added to it. But the biggest controversy was about the committee chairman.

There is a fight between two corporations and the president

Actually, after having two municipal corporations in Kota, Kota North and Kota South have become corporations. Fair Dussehra is to be organized in Kota South. Earlier it was believed that the Mayor of Kota South would be declared the President of the Mela Committee, but the Mayor of Kota North Manju Mehra was made the President of the Mela Committee and the Mayor of Kota South was made a member of the Committee. The cold war of both the municipal corporations started from here.

Congress councilors from Kota South started opposing it in a suppressed tongue, although if no one spoke openly, the BJP councilors also kept telling them wrong. From here the dispute slowly started increasing and now it is coming out in the open. However, Kota South Mayor Rajeev Agarwal says that there is nothing to dispute, both the municipal corporations will organize the fair together and get it filled with grandeur.

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