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“Don’t create panic,” says Kerala minister P RajeevMEERI News

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Kerala Law and Industries Minister P Rajeev on Saturday said there were fears of health problems due to smoke in Brahmapuram, days after the Kerala High Court questioned the Kochi Corporation Secretary on how long the smoke should be tolerated. from Brahmapuram Waste Management Plant.

“Fear is created”

Speaking to the media, Rajeev said that “there is a fear of health problems due to Brahmapuram smoke.” Don’t create panic and spread unconfirmed things. Everyone is concentrating on putting out the fire. Importance is now being given to the disposal of accumulated waste in the city of Kochi. On Friday, meetings were held from morning to night. “Yesterday, a meeting was held with IMA and private hospitals,” the minister said.

Earlier, the Kerala High Court had constituted a committee to monitor the situation at the Brahmapuram waste management plant where the fire broke out last week.

“Brahmapuram became a mountain in 12-13 years. It became a system that could ignite up to five meters below. To change it will require drastic measures. We have an action plan for waste management that can be implemented with public participation,” he informed. “The Chief Minister has directed that all possible means be used,” he added.

In the petition, the Thrikkakkara MLA alleged that “The State Government and the Kochi Corporation have completely failed to deal with this serious situation and it is a problem for the lives of the people of Ernakulam and surrounding areas. Therefore, according to the National Disaster Management Act (2005), the National Disaster Response Force should be deployed urgently.”

(With ANI inputs)

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