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FIFA World Cup 2022 Saudi Arabia beat Argentina by two goals to oneMEERI News

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Saudi Arabia beat Argentina by two goals to one

Doha (92 News) – In the first and biggest defeat of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina by two goals to one in their group.

In the match played at the Lusail Stadium, Saudi Arabia showed stars to Argentina, a national team many times stronger than itself. Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Mohammad Alawis and other defenders proved to be a strong rock against Argentina, making several key saves and contributing to the victory.

In the first half, the national team of Argentina was difficult in relation to Saudi Arabia, the football players of Argentina had several attempts to score, but they achieved only one success when they received a penalty. In the 10th minute of the match, the star football player Messi scored a goal from the penalty.

Argentina had two goals disallowed for offside, Lataro Martinez’s goals in the 27th and 35th minutes.

In the second half of the match, Saudi Arabia’s players played an aggressive game, Saudi Arabia’s Saleh Al-Shahri scored the first goal in the 48th minute and Salim Al-Dawsri scored the second goal against Argentina in the 53rd minute to make it two-one lead against Argentina.

In the second half and extra time, Argentina had several attempts to break the lead, but Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Mohamed Alawis and defenders did not allow Messi’s men to run and played a major role in their team’s victory.

Argentina fans, who celebrated by beating their drums in the first half, looked disappointed in the second half, while Saudi Arabia fans were seen hugging and celebrating.


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