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Flyover-Metro option at the center of debate on unruly traffic congestion MEERI News

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Meeri News

Aurangabad’s Comprehensive Mobility Plan presented

Aurangabad : A comprehensive mobility plan was recently introduced to remove the bottlenecks in the transport of Aurangabadkars. In the city which is extremely inconvenient for pedestrians, as there is no parking lot even for goods transport, vehicles are lined up one after the other on the wide roads. A plan to develop a people-centric sustainable urban transport system of such a city was discussed, it is only a mixed transport system of flyover-metro!

Union Finance Minister Dr. The plan was presented before Bhagwat Karad. The discussion that took place on this occasion revolved around the flyover and metro rather than streamlining the traffic. In fact, the presenter clearly stated in the very first sentence that just widening the road will not solve the traffic problem. What was needed was not funds but will to design such that both public and private transport should complement each other. It was not discussed. ‘Now the new young commissioner will find a way out of this’ said Dr. Karad replied in one sentence and ensured that flyover and metro remain the focus of discussion.

Aurangabad city is 180 sq km. grown up Where industry grows, the city also grows in that area. By 2052, the population will be thirty one and a half lakh. Currently there are 14.4 lakh registered vehicles in the city. Only 100 smart buses of the municipal corporation in the transport hub system of two railway stations, two bus stations and the airport. More than half of the buses are not running at present. Recently, people have started sitting in Citybus running on route 33. 30 percent of households in the city still do not own a vehicle. In this situation, 36 percent of the traffic is on autorickshaws and 42 percent of the traffic is by private vehicles. Only four percent of public transport in it! The question was how to find answers to these issues that came up while developing a comprehensive mobility plan.

In order to solve the traffic problem, the number of city buses should be increased in public transport and its routes should also be decided anew. Problems continue as buses do not ply in many areas. A conscious effort is needed to make the Wardila Jalna road pedestrian-friendly, the report says. At the same time, the number of parking lots should also be increased. Where the parking facilities are good, the roads are less crowded and the traffic flows smoothly. But the parking lot has not been a matter of priority for the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. One or two attempts made in this regard have also failed. It is stated in the report that urgent measures should be taken in this regard. Therefore, all the issues of road safety, pollution are very distant. On the one hand, while the discussions were taking place along the lines of transport, the rulers and administration officials were most interested in the project of constructing a flyover and a metro on it! It is estimated that 6 thousand 278 crore rupees will be spent on this project. A 24-km flyover and four-km road, a metro system may also be built on it. But the answer to the question whether it will be useful to solve the traffic problem is negative in the minds of most of the people, it was seen during the discussion on the comprehensive mobility plan.

It is proposed to construct a single flyover connecting Shendra-Waluj industrial estates in Aurangabad city and a mixed transport system like Neo Metro (170 seater bus) on it. It was tested whether this system can stand. The required funds can be made available through the central government. For that, the plan can be approved by holding meetings in the presence of Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. Before that, a detailed project plan for new means of communication will be prepared within one month.

– Dr. Bhagwat Karad, Union Minister of State for Finance


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