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Former bureaucrats wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi saying – your silence in front of social danger is unbearable MEERI News

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More than 100 former bureaucrats of the country have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that the ‘hysteria of hate-filled destruction’ in the country is not only targeting the minorities but also the Constitution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo Credits: PIB)

New Delhi: More than 100 former bureaucrats of the country have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the recent incidents of hate violence against the country’s minority communities especially Muslims are showing majoritarian forces above the fundamental principles and laws of our Constitution.

Report According to, the letter alleged the complicity of the government in this whole process.

Former bureaucrats under the Constitutional Conduct Group, in a letter to Prime Minister Modi, said that the frenzy of hatred-filled destruction in the country is not only targeting the minorities but also the Constitution.

Former bureaucrats criticized the Prime Minister’s silence on these incidents, calling it intolerable.

He expressed hope that he (Modi) will give a call to end the politics of hate, which is happening in his government.

“As former bureaucrats, we usually do not wish to express ourselves in such sharp words, but the speed with which the constitutional edifice prepared by our forefathers is being destroyed makes us speak and express our anger,” the letter said. and forces to express pain.’

The letter said that in the past few years and months, in several BJP-ruled states of Assam, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the increase in hatred and violence against minority communities, especially Muslims, has acquired a frightening dimension. Have done.

This open letter is dedicated to the people belonging to minority communities accused of communal clashes and riots across the country. bulldozers at homes Came in the midst of running action.

In this letter former bureaucrats hijab ban Issues like this were also discussed.

“This violence is not merely an assertive Hindutva identity politics, nor an attempt to keep communalism on the rise, which has been happening for decades and has become part of the ‘New Normal’ in the last few years,” the letter said. What is more worrying is the subjugation of the fundamental principles and laws of our Constitution to majoritarian forces, which seem to be in complete complicity of the government.

In fact, the former bureaucrats said in the letter, “The law has become a tool by which minorities can be kept in a state of fear instead of being a means of maintaining peace and harmony.”

The former bureaucrats said that they believe that this threat is unprecedented and not only the constitutional morality and conduct are at stake but also our wonderful social fabric, which is our greatest heritage and which our Constitution has to be carefully preserved. has been designed, it is also prone to shattering.

“Your silence in the face of this social menace is unbearable,” the letter said.

Taking to heart your promise of sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, we appeal to you that in this year of the elixir of independence, rising above the partisan views, you pledge to end the politics of hate, the letter said. Will call.

Former Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, former National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, former Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, former Home Secretary GK Pillai and TKA Nair, Principal Secretary to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, are among 108 former bureaucrats who signed the letter. .

(To read this letter in full click here.)

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