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Glenn McGrath was worried about the future of ODI cricketMEERI News

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Former Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath is worried about the future of ODI cricket.

According to details, fast bowler Glenn McGrath has said that the future of one-day cricket does not look bright given the disinterest of fans in the one-day series between Australia and England.

During the three-match ODI series between Australia and England, very few fans turned up at the stadium. The last match of the series was played at the 90,000-capacity Mableburn Cricket Ground, but only 4,000 cricket fans turned out for the England team. I saw it whitewash.

Glenn McGrath said of the lack of interest from spectators: “It’s very disappointing to see such a low attendance and I think ODI cricket is really on the verge of extinction.”

Glenn McGrath said Melbourne is known as the sporting capital of Australia and if fans have this attitude towards this format of cricket then they don’t like their game at all.

Glenn McGrath in an interview to a leading cricket website said that the international schedule is quite tough, I think they should respect every series and every format of cricket and do something about it.

Highlighting the need to protect the 50-over format, McGrath said T20 cricket is growing but we have to protect our game.

Glenn McGrath called Test cricket definitive and said I think both ODI and Test cricket will stand the test of time.

Glenn McGrath expressed hope that ODI cricket will continue, adding that I have very fond memories of the format and still consider the ODI World Cup more important than T20.

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