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He had been missing since the day of Rang Panchami, identified by an identity card found in his pocket. He had been missing since the day of Rang Panchami, identified by an identity card found in his pocketMEERI News

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Bhopal37 minutes ago

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Bansal Hospital employee died after being run over by a train in Shahpura district. The young person was gone for two days. The police received information from the railway that an unknown body was found on the railway. The search was identified by the identity card found in the pocket. In the preliminary investigation, the police assume suicide, at the moment the police have not received any suicide from the scene. The police handed over the dead body to the family members after the prime minister’s act. The relatives took the dead body and went home.

ASI Ramesh Dubey said that son Dhanraj Banawat (30), Shankar Lal Banawat, a resident of Kanha Kunj Kolar, used to work as an attendant at Bansal Hospital. Dhanraj left home on February 12 saying he was going to the hospital. After that he neither went to work nor returned home. On Monday late evening at around 13:30, information was received from the Railways that a dead body of a young man was lying on the track under the flyover between Bagshevania and Shahpura. When the police reached the spot, they found the dead body in two parts.

Bansal ID card identification
During a search of the pocket, the identity card of Bansal Hospital was found. Bansal Hospital staff was contacted for this. He recognized. I got the number of the relatives from the hospital itself. After this, the relatives who called for identification were notified. After identification, the dead body was sent to the prime minister. In the preliminary investigation, it seems that it was a suicide, so far no suicide has been found on the spot. Something will be clear only after PM.

wife and two small children at home

Brother Satish said Dhanraj Bansal used to work as an attendant at the hospital. He disappeared two days ago. Because of Rang Panchami everyone felt that he must have gone somewhere and will come again. Even so, we were looking for it. After 48 hours, they should have gone to the police to register a missing person. That’s why on Monday late evening the police informed us and called us to identify a dead body found on the tracks. When we reached and saw, it was only Dhanraj’s body. Dunraj is survived by his wife, two boys aged 6 and two and a half.

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