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Homepage: Homepage dedicated to degree exchangeMEERI News

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Homepage: Homepage dedicated to degree exchange

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23 September Chennai (Andhra Jyoti): The state government has created a special website for land ownership exchange. You can easily transfer your degree by applying on this website. After the transfer of ownership, related orders can be easily downloaded without commission. As a result, students do not have to wander around the registration office. At a special event held at the Secretariat on Friday morning, Prime Minister MK Stalin launched an online service called ‘Engirundalum-Ennerathilum’ (From Anywhere – Anytime) under the auspices of the Internal Revenue Service. The dedicated website https://tamilnilam.tn.gov.in/citizen created for these services has been officially launched.

At this time, Stalin said that until now, the owner of the place would apply for a degree exchange at public service centers and registration offices, check it on the Internet and place an order for a degree exchange online. Taken from Kayirithi. Thereafter, you may pay the appropriate fee for the degree exchange as mentioned on this website. From 2014 to 2017, all land registration details related to urban areas in each state were integrated into a computer, in which the railroader has the plans and details of the land.

https://eservices. CM explained that there is a feature available for download through the website tn.gov.in. KKSSR IRS Minister Ramachandran, IRS Chief Secretary Kumar Jayant, Investigation Bureau Land Tax Scheme Manager Dr. TG Vinayan et al. participated in this program.

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