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How do housewives fall into the trap of pornography? Learn from lawyer Jayantanarayanan Chattopadhyay’s book ‘Honeytrap’.MEERI News

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Puber Kalam Web Desk: This week, legendary Bengali writer Shishendu Mukherjee published the sixth book ‘Honeytrap’ by Jayant Narayan Chattopadhyay, a criminal lawyer and detective writer of Calcutta High Court.

The book was released at the residence of writer Shishendu Mukhopadhyay. This lawyer and author Jayantanarayanan Chattopadhyay has already gained popularity with the publication of 5 books.

The books are ‘Behind the Scenes’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Race’, ‘Gangster’ and ‘Checkmate’. In 2018, Jayantbabu was awarded the ‘Best Legal Services Advocate’ in Eastern India by the State Legal Services Authority. The book ‘Honeytrap’ is centered around two different novels.

Lawyer Kandarpanarayanan is the central character in the novels ‘Honeytrap’ and ‘Mrita Rao Katha Ballet’. Who has emerged as the protector of girls on social media without falling into the trap of pornography. On the other hand, the family of the surviving four-year-old girl has come forward to hand over the killer to the police.

Jayantanarayana Chatterjee is a well-known name as a specialist criminal lawyer in Calcutta High Court. At the High Court, he has sometimes been seen giving forceful cross-examinations on behalf of journalists in a fake police case against journalists of a TV news channel in Birbhum. Sometimes he is found as one of the lawyers in high profile cases like Sarada.

However, in addition to legal questions and answers, various pictures of investigative crimes emerge from his pen. The books ‘Behind the Garad’, ‘White and Black’, ‘Race’, ‘Gangster’ and ‘Checkmate’ have already won the praise of the readers. The latest addition to this is the ‘Honeytrap’.

Two filmmakers Nandita Roy, Sivaprasad Mukhopadhyay, educationist Debprasad Mukhopadhyay, publisher Deeptanshu Mandal and others attended the ‘Gangster’ book launch meeting. This lawyer’s first book was published on September 25 last year. Two books were released that day. ‘Behind the Hills’ and ‘Black and White’.

Then the book ‘Race’ was released on February 5. The recently published ‘Gangster’ takes into account the crimes of the current youth society. He wrote four books in ten and a half months during the Corona climate. All books are written from the experience of professional legal life.

The book ‘Gangster’ tells how educated boys pick up pistols and become ‘gangsters’ in the bosom of society in the hope of making more money in less time. He became a lawyer in the Calcutta High Court for 23 consecutive years. When the normal rhythm of the court was lost due to the deadly corona virus.

During that time, he has been a lawyer in many criminal cases for more than twenty years and has written four books in search of various information about crimes. The director of two different movies who have already revealed the book Gangster has activated the possibility of making future movies based on the book published by this lawyer.

This week, lawyer and writer Jayantanarayan Chattopadhyay’s sixth book ‘Honeytrap’ was launched at the residence of legendary writer Shishendu Mukhopadhyay.

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