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Hyderabad: DAV public schools allowed to reopen…but conditions apply…what are they?MEERI News

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Meeri News

The sexual assault case of a 4-year-old LKG child at the Hyderabad DAV Public School caused a sensation across Telangana. The government took the incident seriously and canceled the school’s accreditation. In addition, the police arrested those responsible for the incident. However, due to the sudden closure of the school, the future of the students became uncertain. The students’ parents have asked the government to restore the schools in this order. In this regard, the Ministry of Education has issued an order allowing the reopening of DAV public schools. However, the Ministry of Education explained that the permission is only applicable for this semester. The order states that the rules laid down by the Ministry of Education must be followed.

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A 4-year-old girl studying LKG at the DAV School in Banjara Hills was sexually assaulted by the principal’s car driver, Rajani Kumar. The driver is said to have molested the girl two months ago. However, when the parents noticed the difference in the girl’s behavior and asked the child, the truth was revealed. On October 19, it was revealed that the driver, Rajani Kumar, had been sexually harassed. The student’s parents and family, aware of this, grabbed the driver, trampled it over, and handed it over to the police. In this case, a case against the driver was registered with the principal in charge, Madhavi. The police took them to Chanchal Guda prison. Meanwhile, the driver of the atrocities, Rajni Kumar, has been working as a janitor and chauffeur at the school for 12 years. Telangana Sarkar got serious about the incident. Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy has ordered Deo to revoke his DAV school license. She also suggested that the minister should adapt the children studying in those schools to other schools. The Minister has ordered that this not be repeated. The minister instructed the students to talk to the parents and clear their doubts. He said the school is forming a committee headed by the Minister of Education on safety measures for students. The committee will submit its report within one week. Secretary Sabita Indra Reddy will take special measures to protect students in schools as soon as the report is released, she said.

However, if the school permit is revoked in the middle, your child will lose. Parents wrote a letter to Devasena, the Board of Education, requesting that their children be punished. As more and more people want to start school, the Ministry of Education only gave permission until this year.

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