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I will stand by the people’s side and fight against all problems.MEERI News

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I will stand by the people’s side and fight against all problems.

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YS Sharmila said there was no improvement during KCR’s reign. They criticized him for coming out during the election. They accused them of deceiving people by offering double-bedroom homes and wastelands. Current and RTC rates tripled during KCR’s reign. He said that when hundreds of students commit suicide, there is no movement at KCR.

YS Sharmila said 2 million jobs are vacant but not filled. Poor children in the hostel said they were eating food made by frogs, and asked if KCR’s grandson was eating the same food. It would be a shame to ask the pastor how many votes there are in that town when asked to build a road. He protested that a road would be built in the village only if there was a vote. He asked if this was a golden Telangana.

YS Sharmila said she would stand by the people’s side and fight all issues. The ruling party says there is no problem. He argued that the opposition had not paid attention to the anarchy of the KCR. The BJP and parliamentary parties were sold out to the TRS. He made it clear that he had formed a party for the welfare of the YSR.

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