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Iran : 31 killed in anti-hijab protests MEERI News

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31 people are reported to have been killed in Iran during anti-hijab protests. An NGO in Oslo has made this claim. Although American media ABC and Voice of America put the death toll at 9. The news agency Reuters has currently put the death toll at 8 in the two days of demonstrations. CNN correspondent Christine Amanpour put the death toll at 8 in a tweet. To understand Iran’s anti-hijab protest, you can click to read this report published on Satya Hindi.

At least 31 civilians have been killed in Iranian security forces crackdown on protests over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini over the hijab, an Oslo NGO said on Thursday. Mahsa Amini was killed during moral policing in Iran. Mahsa’s head was slightly open. On this, the Moral Police of Ilan caught them and took them away. He died during interrogation. After that, anti-hijab protests erupted in Iran. The workers of the women’s organization are setting their hijab on fire.

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Mahmoud Amiri-Moqaddam, director of the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights (IHR), said in a statement, “The people of Iran have taken to the streets to regain their fundamental rights and human dignity … and their peaceful protest with government bullets.” is answering.

The IHR said it confirmed protests taking place in more than 30 cities and other urban centres. She raised concerns over “mass arrests” of protesters and civil society activists.

Protests began last week in Iran’s northern state of Kurdistan, where Amini originated, but have now spread across the country. The 11 people killed Wednesday night in the city of Amol in northern Mazandaran province and the same province, the IHR said. The deaths of six people are involved in Ke Babol.

Meanwhile, one protester was also reported dead in the major northeastern city of Tabriz. The director of IHR said that condemnation and concern by the international community in this regard is no longer enough.

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Earlier, Kurdish rights group Hangau said that 15 people, including eight, were killed on Wednesday night in Kurdistan province and other Kurdish-populated areas of Iran’s north.

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