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Iran’s President Canceled Scheduled InterviewMEERI News

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New York: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi declined to give a scheduled interview to world-renowned journalist Christine Amanpour after refusing to wear a headscarf.

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Hum News has reported, citing the prestigious US broadcaster CNN, that Christine Amanpour would interview the Iranian president for CNN.

Iranian-born British journalist Christine Amanpour said in a statement on social media website “Twitter” that an assistant came to her shortly after the scheduled interview time and told her to wear a scarf because it is the months of Muharram and Safar, which she politely forbids, saying she is in New York and there is no law or custom to wear a headscarf.

According to CNN affiliate Christine Amanpour, she was told by an aide that there would be no interview if she did not comply with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s request to wear a headscarf.

According to the Iranian-born British journalist, there are currently protests in Iran, deaths and topics she wanted to discuss with the Iranian president, including the death of Mahsa Amini.

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Christine Amanpour said in an interview with her own CNN that she had interviewed all Iranian presidents since 1995, but had never asked them to wear a scarf or cover their heads in the past.

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