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Jodhana, Singh Soorma and Bikana Riders registered victory, Jamar Band performed. Jodhana, Singh Soorma and Bikana Riders registered victory, Jamar Band performed MEERI News

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JaipurOne hour ago

Players playing in Real Kabaddi League Season Two will be given a fee of Rs 10,000 for each match.

The craze of Real Kabaddi League Season 2 organized by Atlanture Sports is increasing continuously on Jaipurites. On Friday, three matches of the league were played at Zee Studio in Sitapura. To see which a large number of Kabaddi lovers of all ages reached. During this, the musical band Jamar forced everyone to dance with their superb performance.

Chambal lost to Jodhana in a thorn fight
In the first match, there was a tremendous game between Jodhana Warriors and Chambal Pirates who landed on the court, in which Jodhana maintained a strong hold on the match from the beginning. At the start of the match, Jodhana reached a massive score of 21 points while Chambal Pirates were seen struggling with 11 points. But in the second half, Chambal made a tremendous comeback and gave a tough fight to Jodhana. But this gap kept on increasing and in the end Jodhana Warriors was the match winner with 40 points. While Chambal Pirates gave a tough fight and secured 36 points but had to settle for second place. Jodhana Warriors secured their first win of the season by defeating Chambal Pirates.

Kabaddi lovers danced on the performance of Jamar Band on the third day.

Kabaddi lovers danced on the performance of Jamar Band on the third day.

Singh Soorma beat Shekhawati Kings by 11 points
In the first half of the second match, Singh Soorma’s surmas got a strong hold on Shekhawati to get 20 points while Shekhawati also showed excellent performance of her game and progressed in the match with 15 points.

The match had reached its peak in the second half where Singh Soorma kept his dominance while Singh Soorma showed his power on 33 points and Shekhawati Kings gave a tough fight on 27 points. But in the end, Singh Soormaon won the match with 40 points, while Shekhawati Kings lost by 11 points to 29 points.

Close match between Bikana Riders and Aravalli Eagles
In a close match between Bikana Riders and Aravali Eagles, Bikana Riders defeated Aravali Eagles by a margin of 2 points. Final score Bikana Riders 46 points and Aravalli Eagles 44 points and Man of the Match of the game was Anirudh. A thrilling match took place between Bikana Riders and Aravalli Eagles. In the first half, both the teams kept on collecting points in their respective courts. Aravali was seen beating another team while scoring 24 points and Bikana 20 points.

The match took off in the second half when Bikaana’s riders jumped 40 points to put the team close to Aravalli’s 41 points. In a breath-taking match, both the teams turned the match at 43-43 in the match. But in the end Main Bikana showed a tremendous game and captured the match with 46 points. On the other hand, the visitors were taken by surprise when they lost to Aravali Eagles by 44 points.

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