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KCR’s decision… Is the former lawmaker looking for another way? – News 18 TeluguMEERI News

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Getting a chance in politics is not easy. Some people get a chance very easily, while others have to wait for a long time. It could be said that former MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy of Khammam is in a similar situation. Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, who once won as Khammam MP on behalf of YCP, later joined TRS. However, the party leadership expressed dissatisfaction with him after the TRS’s defeat in the combined Khammam region in 2018. This is why he didn’t get a Khammam Lok Sabha spot in 2019. But he worked for the victory of Namanageshwara Rao, who brought the party to a standstill. After that he calculated that he would get a chance to go to Rajya Sabha in TRS. But that didn’t happen. However, he plans to run for the Kothagudem parliamentary seat in the next election. At that time, there was news that Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, who had followers throughout the communal Khammam region, had received endorsement from the TRS leadership in regards to giving him a Kothagudem seat. However, Ponguleti’s hopes appear to have been shattered recently as the party decided to ally with the left in the upcoming elections for the TRS.

There is a possibility of giving up Kothagudem seats to CPI as part of the alliance. Koonanneni Sambasiva Rao, now Secretary of State for the CPI, competed here earlier and won. Here’s a campaign where he can compete on behalf of CPI, this time as part of an alliance. In this context, in a recent interview with the press, Pongletti explained that he was certain he would run for the next election.
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He said he will be competing on behalf of TRS since he is currently at TRS. But will Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy run for the Kothagudem parliamentary seat because even if he gets a chance to represent the TRS he is guaranteed to run for the next election? Or will Khammam come back as MP? That got interesting. Ultimately, the KCR’s decision to form an alliance with a left-wing party appears to have had a positive effect on Pongouletti.

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