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Kisan Bandhu avoided the action of attachment. Kisan Bandhu avoided Kurki’s action.MEERI News

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Date43 minutes ago

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Due to the highest NPA of banks in the agriculture sector in Datia, the process of filing RRC in this matter has been expedited by the banks in collaboration with the district administration. So that the farmers can deposit the loan amount with the banks in the long term.

District Bank Managing Director Virendra Pal Singh said that out of the total loan to agriculture sector of Rs 1306.69 crore in Datia district, Rs 464.41 crore are non-performing loans (NPAs), banks have filed more than 10,000 RRCs to recover loans from farmers. the attachment will be done by sending to the district administration with the help of the Tehsildar.

The District Lead Bank Manager stated that such farmers who have outstanding money from the bank for a long time. By making an immediate deposit, he avoided the action of attaching a loan.

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