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Kochi residents protest for 11 days fighting toxic fumes emanating from garbage fire MEERI News

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People have been having breathing problems due to toxic fumes emanating from a garbage fire in Kochi’s Brahmapuram for eleven days now. As a result, the local population began to leave the city. Citizens register their protest against the inaction of the administration in different ways.

Filming a viral video. (Photo credit: Twitter)

New Delhi: The city of Kochi was engulfed in toxic fumes on Sunday from a fire that broke out 11 days ago at a dumping ground in Kochi’s Brahmapuram, sparking protests.

According to Hindustan Times, people affected by the poisonous fumes have now been forced to move to safer areas. The air quality index on Sunday morning was over 200. Many residents’ associations said a large number of people had left the city.

Anish Sebastian, a software engineer working at Info Park, moved to his hometown Kottayam on Saturday after his five-year-old son developed breathing problems. He told the newspaper: “The situation is really dangerous because people have breathing problems. It’s a shame that the best city in the country is a shame. ,

P. Anish, head of an IT firm, said, “Working offline from Info Park is no longer possible as the situation has worsened. Many employees suffer from health problems.

It is significant that in the park there are 280 IT companies employing more than 60,000 people.

Actress Sandra Thomas said: “It’s a shame the city is still struggling with breathing problems after 11 days.” Meanwhile, singer Sayanora on Saturday sang a song on Kochi road to express her anger.

Distraught residents said they have lost hope as various agencies are busy pinning down the blame for the fire.

Kemal Pasha, a retired judge of the Kerala High Court, said, “The response is very poor. People leave the city for fresh air.

Although a ministerial team that visited Kochi on Saturday said 80 percent of the fire was put out, people said the smoke rising from the garbage belied their claims.

State Health Minister Veena George said on Saturday that around 800 people have sought medical help so far and that the door-to-door health survey will begin from Tuesday. He said: “We will identify those affected by the smoke and begin treatment.”

The government has asked all hospitals to give top priority to people coming in with respiratory problems.

Dr. Toxic chemicals will continue to enter the body through crops, water and animals, even after the smoke has cleared.

Many pharmacies have reported that demand for inhalers, oximeters and drugs for respiratory infections has increased manifold. Tour operators complain of receiving Q&A calls from concerned customers.

Meanwhile, Union Minister V. Muraleedharan, said he had met Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya in this regard.

He said, “I met Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya in this regard and he asked the Health Ministry to find a solution after taking the state’s report.”


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