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KU will host ‘Media and Publishing Conference’ on September 26MEERI News

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Srinagar: The Publications Department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is organizing a ‘Media and Publishing Conference’ in collaboration with the Public Relations Center of the University of Kashmir in Srinagar on September 26.

Kashmir University Vice Chancellor Prof Nilofar Khan will be the chief guest. Eminent speakers who addressed the event include administrators, linguists, academics and domain experts.

The conference will include a session on the sector’s development roadmap based on the story of growth in various sectors and domains, outreach initiatives by the I&B Ministry, and media landscape for youth: opportunities and challenges. A panel discussion on the linguistics and publishing scene in the region focusing on the heritage and richness of the region’s languages, literary works, publishing landscape, challenges and opportunities ahead; and, a lecture on the English language and the craft of writing academic publications.

In addition, on the occasion of the event, a book exhibition of selected works of the Publications Division will be organized in collaboration with CBC, Jammu and Kashmir and Center for Public Relations, University of Kashmir where books in various languages ​​are on sale. will be on – Discounted rates at Gandhi Bhavan on 25-26 September.

About the Publications Division

The Publications Division is the repository of books and journals of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that highlight subjects of national importance and India’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 1941, the Publications Division has emerged as a premier publishing house of the Government of India, enriching the national knowledge base in unique streams by showcasing India’s heritage with quality publications in various languages ​​on land and people, freedom History of movement, art and culture, flora and fauna, Gandhian literature, spirituality and mysticism, biographies of founders of modern India, speeches of presidents and prime ministers, contemporary science, economy, history and underlying focus on Indian society and readers Books on other subjects with; and children’s literature.

Apart from books, the Publications Department also publishes 18 monthly magazines, including Yojana, Kurukshetra (English and Hindi), Bal Bharati (Hindi) and Aajkal (Hindi and Urdu), and a Rozgar weekly Rozgar Samachar (Hindi, Urdu)/ Includes employment news. (English). These magazines have a large readership and enjoy high credibility among the public. These magazines reflect the government’s initiatives and the country’s progress in various fields such as economic development, rural reconstruction, community development, literature, culture, children’s literature, and information on employment and career opportunities.

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