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Lisa Ray worked so that she… MEERI News

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Lisa Ray swears by a healthy and active lifestyle and often shares her workout videos on social media. Similarly, the fault The actress recently took to Instagram to share another video, as she also explained why she works.

“Why do you exercise? So I can have seconds of biryani for dinner tonight…so I can go to waterparks with my girls…have second helpings and throw around the patio furniture and stand Be able to create your own masterpiece and blow the cover of middle age and climb mountains on mystical missions. . And co-founding a digital arts start-up are some of the reasons I prioritize my health, as a cancer graduate and (sic),” she captioned the post in which she can be seen doing. Pilates. Take a look.

For Anwart, Ray fought Multiple myelomaHe was diagnosed with a rare type of bone marrow cancer in 2009. He was later declared cancer free after a stem cell transplant.

Earlier too, Lisa, who is a mother of twin daughters, posted a picture and a few videos of her workout. medicine ball.

On never stopping him Pilates routine, Ray wrote, “For those wondering, I never stop my Pilates routine @thepaddxb. I don’t post about it all the time. But here’s a share because somehow @shaaziaq keeps challenging me even after all these months. The struggle is real…and isn’t it sweet?

Is Pilates Beneficial for Cancer Patients?

According to a 2017-Research Gate study, Pilates solo and belly dance intervention protocols help improve quality of life as well as reduce psychological and physical outcomes. They are also important physical activity options for this population that can reduce the side effects of cancer and its treatment, aiding in patient recovery.

Being a low-intensity form of exercise, Pilates is commonly recommended as a form of rehabilitative exercise for breast cancer patients, notes a video shared by Pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala’s institute, The PAD. has been done

According to Fletcher Pilates teacher Shazia Qureshi Kanchwala, Pilates aids in the rehabilitation process.

* Improve physical function
* Reducing fatigue
* Decreased nausea
* Improve balance

Demonstrating some simple movements that cancer patients can do, Kanchwala explained

* Always be careful not to go into painful circles while performing exercise.
*Ideally, start your movement practice with an expert first.

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