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minister and artist face to face about the burglary of Tey Pratap’s houseMEERI News

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-FIR registered, said Brijvasi Deepak – Intent to win the reward

10 thousand drowned if the ticket is not confirmed

Patna: Misal Sinha, elder son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and private secretary to Tej Pratap Yadav, Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, filed an FIR at the Secretariat police station, alleging that artistes who had come from Vrindavan on Holi stole goods worth Rs. 5 lakh.
He named Deepak Kumar and five others as accused in the FIR. On the other hand, Brijvasi Deepak called this thing fake.
He says that the minister has known each other for 25 years. He invited artistes to his residence on Holi but refused to pay them the award, on which he lodged an FIR with the intention of extorting money. At the same time, Secretariat Police Station President Baghirat Prasad said that an FIR has been lodged on the writ application. The investigation is ongoing on all points of the case.
Deepak said Tej Pratap Yadav wanted to play Holi from Bridge at his residence. He asked to bring the artists. Somehow I convinced a group to go to Patna. Tej Pratap sent Rs 10,000 to make an advance payment to the artistes. He also booked train tickets, but they were not confirmed. Then these artists returned from the station and did not return the advance amount. At the insistence of the minister, I entered into an agreement with another group for 60,000 rs. There were seven male and one female artist in it.
According to Deepak, the minister asked that the other group be brought to Patna by car. He also said I would pay the price of the car. After this, Deepak reached Patna on March 6 in a hired vehicle for Rs 30,000. But even after two days of stay in the minister’s residence, when the artists did not receive their compensation, they created a commotion. The matter was settled by their persuasion.
He said the minister said he would pay 90,000 rupees before he left. However, he did not do so and on March 9, along with an employee named Dilawar and another, took them all to Patna Junction in his car.
On the other hand, in the FIR, the precedent wrote about the escape of the accused on the night of March 9. Deepak claims that the truth will be known from the footage of the CC TV cameras installed at Patna Junction.
Last year, the servant was accused of stealing an iPhone.
Tej Pratap Yadav filed an FIR of theft of iPhone in June 2022 from his official residence 2 M Strand Road in Secretariat Police Station. In this, he made the servant Chandan accused. Along with this, there was also a complaint of vandalism to a vehicle parked at the residence. The minister said that the incident was on May 27, 2022. He had gone to stay at Maa Rabri Devi’s residence for a few days, when Chandan committed the crime. However, he has not been arrested yet. A few days ago, pictures of Chandan where he was seen enjoying himself in an expensive hotel surfaced in the internet media.

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