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Mumbai local news today, travel to AC local now on first class pass, but before that know ‘this’ rule! – First-class passengers in Mumbai can now travel in ac locals MEERI News

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Mumbai: The Ministry of Railways had decided to upgrade the first class pass of simple local to AC local pass. For this, the test was being conducted by the Center for Railway Information System. Finally, this test has been successfully completed and this decision will be implemented from today, Saturday, September 24.

Mumbaikars can now upgrade their first class pass to AC local. This facility is starting from this Saturday. However, this facility will be available only for quarterly, half-yearly and annual passholders. First class pass holders can upgrade the AC local pass by paying the difference in pass price and get a new pass from the ticket window.

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AC local trains on Western Railway are getting overwhelming response from passengers. On August 16, AC local flights crossed the one lakh passenger mark. Even after that, the number of passengers is continuously increasing. At present 1375 local trains run on Western Railway every day. The number of AC local rounds will be 48. So, 56 rounds of AC local are run on Central Railway.

How to Upgrade Pass

Passengers who have taken first class pass and wish to travel by AC round. These passengers will benefit from this facility. For that, if the first class monthly pass holder in simple local goes to get the AC local pass, he will have to pay the difference. After that this pass will be upgraded to AC local pass. Also, days traveled on this pass will not be deducted.

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There is no AC local on Harbor Railway

As there is no AC local on the Harbor route, passholders traveling in the first class on the Harbor route will not benefit from this facility.

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