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Nawaz Sharif may come to Pakistan anytime, Information Minister Important Announcement – Daily QudratMEERI News

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Nawaz Sharif may come to Pakistan anytime, Information Minister Important Announcement – Daily Qudrat

You say FIR is cut, when there is doubt about someone, FIR will be cut. He said that after Cypher, the Long March, the movement of children from prison, now there is a dead body policy, because the work that was supposed to be done with foreign funding failed, Cypher failed. man, your politics will be buried, your dirty politics have no place in this country which is used to plot against the state. He said that Imran Khan has no answer, so he is not ready to ask. He is the biggest thief in the history of the country, who calls others thieves and money launderers.

He had a habit of putting his hand in the pocket of others, so he started putting his hand in the pocket of the state and stealing billions. Courts give immunity, give guarantees. He said that when we returned to the government, if our aim was political revenge, the robberies committed by Imran Khan

He could have been arrested and put behind bars like he did with us, but we did nothing. This is not a political party, it is a group of terrorists, conspirators and hooligans. The people who imposed it for four years took revenge from Pakistan and it should be held accountable. He has a conspiratorial mind, conspires against the state, when the court is called give a call to move, if the court is called he cannot come with a plastered foot.

There is a law in the state and it should be treated the same as 22 crore people, it will not come if the court is called, the law should be equal for all. He said that article 144 is for the accused who has been summoned by the court, who is waiting for dead bodies in the country with bullets, who is a foreign agent in the country, who does not accept the daughter whose case is in court. The one who robbed Tosha Khanna, whom the court summons him to court and he says I will not come,

When the court calls, he breaks down the doors and cameras of the court and tells the judge, I will not leave you, he wants to spread anarchy and chaos. He said the transitional government was showing responsibility. Wants to spread chaos in the state, sits inside using women as a shield, hides in Jamant Park. The Judiciary will have to think this moment who abuses, is a criminal, attacks the court, storms, insults a judge, calls for question and answer, but is given immunity and guarantees, then Who will appear in court?

He said that Nawaz Sharif can come to Pakistan anytime. He said our hands are tied because of Imran Khan’s deal with IMF, but despite this, the poor are being given the biggest Ramadan package in which the poor will get free flour. Because of the reason, our hands are tied but PM Shehbaz still thinks every moment how to give relief to the people, this package is not limited to Punjab only, other provinces have also been asked to work and distribute free flour. He said that Imran Khan knows that when Pakistan signs an agreement with the IMF, he has called for a movement in Lahore.

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