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PFI leader Aminul Haque arrested in Guwahati against PFIMEERI News

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PFI leader Aminul Haq was arrested in Hatigaon, Guwahati on Thursday. Janib Para said that the PFI leaders were arrested in a joint operation by NIA, ED and security forces at the PFI office in Hatigaon. Four PFI leaders were arrested in Kamrupa Nagarbera during the year.

It is noteworthy that the campaign against PFI continues across the country. In Assam, PFI offices and leaders continue to operate in various states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Aditya, ED, Arkhia. Strong action is also being taken against those organizing training camps in Bihar, Karnataka and Telangana.

According to information received, more than 100 PFI leader-members have been arrested across the country at the end of this operation. This year, 22 people were arrested in Kerala, 20 in Maharashtra, 20 in Karnataka, 11 in Tamil Nadu, 9 in Assam, 8 in Uttar Pradesh, 5 in Andhra Pradesh and 4 in Madhya Pradesh. 4 in Delhi, 2 in Rajasthan and 2 in Puducherry.

The security regime has been cracking down on the financing and support of terrorist organizations and inciting them to join banned organisations. Recall that on Tuesday 4 PFI members were arrested under UAPA. About forty raids had been conducted till this day.

PFI is a radical Islamic organization formed in 2006. These organizations have been accused of engaging in activities banned by the NRC to finance the anti-CAA movement. Earlier this year, PFI leaders were accused of engaging in anti-national activities under the Uniform Civil Code.

PFI has branches in many countries outside India like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Chad. PFIs bring foreign capital into India through these branches of foreign capital mobilization. There are also allegations of poor relations with PFIs in China.

ED has already verified the bank accounts of 600 donors and 2600 beneficiaries. Janib Para says that PFI organizes training camps abroad. A terrorist organization named Hit Squad was formed in PFI for allegedly attacking BJP and RSS leaders. More than 150 strategies are implemented in PFI. Shehtiakai is PFI’s strategy to protest Karnataka violence
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It is noteworthy that a national campaign against the organization was launched following the Home Ministry’s signal.

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