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‘Prior ballot counting must be stopped immediately. Election must be canceled’ – News18 TeluguMEERI News

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Meeri News

As the by-elections drew to a close, former IPS executive Akunuri Murali made a sensational call. Earlier, a video was uploaded on Twitter urging the immediate cessation of counting the polls and the cancellation of the election. “In the past, voters were clearly aware of the by-election. It is said that TRS gave Rs.5,000 and BJP Rs.4,000 for each vote. A lot of people are posting this on social media. TRS and BJP are mocking democracy. But government, police and election officials are watching. Therefore, on behalf of the people of Telangana, I request the Indian Election Commission to immediately stop the early counting. Former IPS executive Akunuri Murali has called for the election to be canceled entirely.

Former IPS Akunuri Murali

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