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Pune: “Narendra Modi has no experience…” Nirmala Sitharaman praises Gujarat earthquake | Nirmala Sitharaman praised Narendra Modi by telling about the incident of earthquake in Gujarat svk 88 MEERI News

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Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat. At that time, the central government worked to bring him into trouble many times. He was not given any kind of help. However, Narendra Modi overcame all these difficulties and developed Gujarat. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman expressed the opinion that Narendra Modi has not had any administrative experience but he handled everything properly during the earthquake in Gujarat.
BJP Pune City organized a lecture by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on twenty years of system transformation at Vishwabhavan of Symbiosis College. State Higher and Technological Education Minister Chandrakant Patil, former minister Harshvardhan Patil, MLA Ram Shinde were present.

On this occasion, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Lok Sabha elections held in 2014 were not easy. After becoming the Prime Minister for the first time, Modi won the hearts of the entire nation by bowing his head on the steps of Parliament on the very first day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been working for the common people of the country since day one. They digitized the essentials. Due to which everyone got corona vaccination certificate online and this has happened only in India. He said that this vaccine has also been produced in Pune and it is a matter of pride.

She further said that before 2014, there was only corruption in the country. But in the last eight years, there has been no corruption in the country and no one has dared to do it. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the country a clean and corruption-free government.
She also added that two places in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh always give me energy. Because these places were visited by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. So whenever I visit those places, those places give me energy,” he said.

My greetings to all Punekar brothers and sisters
Nirmala Sitharaman always speaks in English. However, he started his speech in Pune not in English but in Marathi language. He started his speech by saying my greetings to all Punekar brothers and sisters, how are you all. Citizens present applauded him.

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