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Rajasthan Investors Summit is expected to bring a breeze to the stateMEERI News

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‘Invest Rajasthan’ is the state’s active investor outreach program that includes domestic, national and international investor meetings, Embassy Connect programs, and virtual seminars. The objective of the program is to solicit investment proposals, process them on a mission mode, and make them successful.

Attended by the business world, development organizations, professionals, policy makers and senior government officials, the event will be an ideal platform for valuable discussions to chart a course for balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the state.

The state is focusing on investment in tourism, but surprisingly, investors are looking beyond tourism and focusing on sectors like green energy.

Tourism is definitely Rajasthan’s strongest brand and is growing rapidly with better hotels and infrastructure, especially air and road connectivity. Of late, tourist destinations have also become high-spending wedding venues.

But the recent trend shows that wildlife tourism is growing rapidly and since wildlife tourism remains a state subject and investors have no control over safari parks, they themselves resort to resorts and hotels. limited to making

The desert, which was a curse for Rajasthan, has turned into a heaven for green energy and the state is now the country’s largest hub for solar energy. Solar Power is now the biggest brand in Rajasthan. Desert wastes are now emerging with solar energy and the large availability of desert land makes the state an ideal location for setting up solar energy projects.

The state is likely to continue to attract investments in solar generation and wind energy. Currently, it generates 14,500 MW of solar power and by 2030, this figure will touch 100 GW. Thus, with the central government’s target of 500 GW by 2030, Rajasthan will generate 100 GW of electricity on its own, thus contributing twenty percent to the country’s target, giving the state a strong and will become an exceptional brand.


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