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Rulers should be concerned about the conditions of the people, SK NiaziMEERI News

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The rupee is falling rapidly against the dollar, Dr. Shahdarsan Siddiqui
The Transgender Persons Act 2018 was passed by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed

By staff reporter

Chief Editor of Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman of Rose News S.K. Talking in the program ‘Sachchi Baat’, Niazi said that
Rulers should be concerned about the plight of the people, S.K. Niazi further said that ruling and all politicians are only for their own interests, they should at least think about the betterment of the country at present.
Inflation is at its peak poor people are in bad condition we should think about their problems and issues Pakistani politicians are not aware of people’s issues currently they have no food and shelter no medicine available people are in dire straits But our politicians are busy criticizing each other and focusing on leg dragging
There are several caveats in the Transgender Act
Hopefully this law will be changed, SK Niazi
He said that Ahsan Iqbal has also been acquitted today in the Narowal Sports Complex case
He said that those making political cases should also be arrested
Courts should take action against those who falsely accuse others, S.K. Necessary
The law and order situation in the country has worsened at present
He said that there is a need to improve the FBR
FBR should return those who have not been refunded, SK Niazi

Economist Dr. in the program “Sachchi Baat”. Talk by Shahid Hasan Siddiqui.
Rulers should be aware of the criticality of the current economic situation, Dr. Shahid Hasan Siddiqui
The economy has improved in 6 months, he said that the rupee is depreciating rapidly against the dollar, Dr. Shahdahsan Siddiqui
The country’s economy is being deliberately destroyed
Dollar increased by 100 rupees in 4 years
He further said that dollars are going to Afghanistan through Peshawar
He said that Pakistan’s exports have decreased
A nuclear country is left at the mercy of the IMF and
Both PTI and the current government delayed taking tough decisions, Dr. Shahid Hasan Siddiqui
The elite is conspiring to weaken the country’s economy.
. . . . .
Jamaat-e-Islami leader Senator Mushtaq Ahmed’s speech in the program “Sachchi Baat”.
The Transgender Persons Act 2018 was passed by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed
30 thousand people changed their gender after the act was made, he said that the transgender act has now been challenged in the standing committee, Mushtaq Ahmed
The Transgender Act has many reservations though
Several sections of the Transgender Act are against Islamic law, Mushtaq Ahmed
He said that many changes need to be made in this law

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