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Satya Hindi news Bulletin Congress Hold Mehangai Par Halla Bol rally – Satya Hindi news Bulletin Satya Hindi News Bulletin. August 11, News of the day. MEERI News

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  2. Special newsletter: You will get the information about the selected special coverage of ‘Satya Hindi’ in advance. Our special newsletter will be sent to you from time to time on your email, in which you will be informed about the special coverage of ‘Satya Hindi’, so that you do not miss any of our special offers.
  3. Every event organized by ‘Satya Hindi’ within a period of one year from the date of membership webinar Free invitation to you to participate. You will be able to reserve your place on priority. After allotment to ‘Satya Hindi’ members, general registration will be opened for the seats left vacant.
  4. If anything in India by ‘Truth Hindi’ Ground Events is organized, then the opportunity to participate in any one of them Specially Reserved Premium Invite* Condition applicable: (Until the situation arising out of corona virus becomes completely normal, it will not be possible.)
  5. VIP Membership memento,

** We will be able to send souvenirs to Indian addresses only and not abroad.
**Memento will be sent 60 days after the date of subscription.


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