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Situation worsens in Uttarakhand’s Joshimath, cracks seen in more houses, Chief Secretary says every minute countsMEERI News

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Dehradun: In the town of Joshi Math in Uttarakhand, multiple cracks were seen on houses, buildings and roads. State Chief Secretary SS Sindhu said on Monday that every minute counts. According to a bulletin issued by the Chamoli Disaster Management Authority, cracks were seen in 68 more houses in Joshi Math on Monday, taking the number of houses affected by land subsidence to 678. Another 27 families have been shifted to a safer place there. It is reported that so far 82 families have been transferred to safer places in the city. Sindhu held a meeting with the state secretariat officials to review the situation in Joshi Mathem and asked them to speed up the work of evicting people from their homes. To keep them safe. He said every minute counts.

The regional administration has red marked more than 200 unsafe houses. He asked the people living in these houses to either move to temporary relief centers or shift to rented houses. For this, each family will get a monthly assistance of Rs 4000 from the state government for the next six months.

Personnel from the National Disaster Response Force and State Disaster Response Force have been deployed for relief and rescue efforts. Temporary relief centers have been set up for the affected people at 16 locations in Joshi Mutt. Apart from these, 19 hotels, guest houses and school buildings have been identified in Joshi Mutt and 20 such buildings in Pipalkoti on the outskirts of the city.

Sindhu said work should be started immediately to stop erosion in the affected areas and dilapidated houses that have cracks should be demolished immediately to avoid further damage. The official said that the broken drinking water and sewage pipelines also need to be repaired urgently. Because they can complicate things in the affected area. Many families living in the affected area are unable to reduce their emotional attachment to their homes and do not want to leave them.

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Those who reached the temporary shelters are also arriving to see their empty houses in danger. Parameshwari Devi, an elderly resident of Marwari ward, one of the worst affected areas in the city, said she had spent all her savings to build her house and now she is being asked to leave and go to the relief camp. Talking to a private news channel, he said that he would rather die in my house than go anywhere else. Where else can you find peace like your home?

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