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Sivasagar: Popular shopping mall, 399 Takiya Chandelat 499 taka sticker, loots customers to buy goods during DurgotsavaMEERI News

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Samagat Sharidiya Durgotsavam. Historically Sivasagar has increased the number of customers in various markets or trading establishments. Recently, Chari Ali, a customer of BATA company near Shivsagar station, has posted pictures of extensive looting.

Rajesh Singh, an active customer, revealed the horrifying information after selling 399 taka Chenthal Bhuwa stickers for 499 taka. Following complaints from consumers, the district administration, Legal Methodology Department and Sales Tax Department have launched a campaign to bring clear evidence of “BATA” marketing to consumers.

It is clear to all that consumer companies are scammers who admit they are bullies. There are serious discrepancies between fixed price and selling price of some marketing companies. As a result, in the Legal Methodology section, against the “BATA” company, the harness-chains of Kaybayo were seized for rearing cattle in Nisabiya.

The decision of the Consumer Protection Court was in a case where goods of branded companies were purchased using e-PIN. The whole cycle involving companies is suspected of ripping off customers by adopting tactics like non-compliance.

A call to governance for the people of Assam – don’t be mistaken when you see a famous expensive market, be cautious while buying.

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