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Strict action will be taken against traders and sellers for cooking fruits with chemicalsMEERI News

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FSSAI has issued strict instructions, consumer should provide information immediately

Calcium carbide gas is deadly

New Delhi : The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has taken a strict stance on the use of chemicals for ripening fruits. He warned traders, fruit sellers and food operators (FBOs) against using banned calcium carbide for artificial ripening of fruits. So at the same time FSSAI made it clear that strict action will be taken if he is found guilty.
FSSAI has asked for proper use of appropriate substances like ethylene for fruit ripening. In its statement, FSSAI said that the use of calcium carbide is already banned under the provision of Food Safety and Standards Sub-Regulation 2011 for artificial ripening of fruits. Acetylene gas released from calcium carbide is as harmful to those involved in ripening the fruit as it is to those who consume the fruit.
FSSAI observed that traders/handlers are still using banned material i.e. calcium carbide for ripening the fruits. At the same time, he also found that traders/handlers are misusing approved sources of ethylene gas. Hence, FSSAI has directed that all fruit traders/handlers/FBOs operating premises must strictly follow the guidelines.
FSSAI directed to refrain from using approved sources of ethylene or using any prohibited material in wrong way for artificial ripening of fruits, FSSAI said. So, if found guilty, strict action will be taken against the accused. FSSAI said fruit ripening is a natural phenomenon, which makes fruits edible, palatable and nutritious for consumers.
FSSAI urges traders/handlers as well as consumers to immediately inform the State Food Safety Commissioners if they find calcium carbide in the fruit or use of ripening agents in any wrong way May After which strict action will be taken against the culprits.

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