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The alleged suicide note of the Indian actress has gone viral on social mediaMEERI News

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The news of suicide of actors associated with the Indian film industry is often heard due to depression and failure in show business.

In this regard, well-known actress Payal Ghosh from the Hindi, Tamil and Telugu film industries also shared a note on social media about the alleged suicide, which created a wave of concern among her fans.

In 2020, actress Payal Ghosh, who accused famous Bollywood music director Anu Rag of sexual harassment, shared an incomplete suicide note on Instagram.

Actress Payal Ghosh wrote in an alleged suicide note on Instagram that “I am Payal Ghosh, if I die by suicide or have a heart attack, then those who will be responsible for it.” . . . . .

After reading this incomplete message, fans of the actress got worried who flooded the comments section with questions.

Several users advised them to consult a doctor before taking any drastic measures and if necessary seek help from a psychiatrist.

Payal Ghosh did not respond to users’ questions and it is not known why he wrote this note.


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