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The country stands at a dangerous point, the judiciary and lawyers should stand up for the rule of law, Imran KhanMEERI News

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The country stands at a dangerous point, the judiciary and lawyers should stand up for the rule of law, Imran Khan

Lahore (92 News) – Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan Malik stands at a dangerous moment, it is time for the judiciary and lawyers to stand up for the rule of law.

During a press conference on Wednesday, he said he has no fear of going to jail, how many people will be put in jail. Societies developed where there was justice and the rule of law, the society of people, not animals, has justice. I have never seen such cruelty, I am sorry to say that our basic human rights are not protected.

Imran Khan said, is this called a neutral monitoring setup? The police just started harassing, planning to arrest our workers. Wasn’t it known how much role Mohsin Naqvi had in the regime change, didn’t Asif Zardari call him his son. Was he not present at Sindh House, NAB Chairman inquired from Mohsin Naqvi. The Election Commission selected and appointed our opponent. The judge asked Fawad Chaudhary to appear three times.

The PTI chairman said that the JIT was closed as soon as it came, Mohsin Naqvi suspended the investigator Syed Anwar Shah as soon as it came, the suspension proves that the attack was planned. Why the JIT was not allowed to run, who killed Benazir Bhutto and Liaquat Ali Khan, nothing is known, every effort is being made to cover up the attack on me.

He further said that in October he said that they would attack me. I could not file my FIR because there were powerful people on the other side. We have a way to go to court and to the street.

Imran Khan said that we see the country is going towards destruction, transparent elections are needed to uplift the country, bringing Mohsin Naqvi made it clear that he is not in the mood for elections. The world looks to the judiciary, the powerful in the state are always above the law. If anyone thinks that I will accept the slavery of thieves, I will fight to the last breath and to the last ball.


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