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The evil nexus between election rigging, bad governance and povertyMEERI News

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Election rigging, insecurity, lack of employment opportunities for the youth, poverty and lack of political awareness are some of the serious issues that challenge the existence of a constitutionally democratic country like Pakistan. Almost throughout the country’s history, electoral fraud has been a major contributing factor that has stalled the process of inculcating democratic values ​​in this country. Political elites, usually hated candidates who cannot win on their own, are the main perpetrators of electoral fraud designed to impose themselves as representatives and leaders of people who did not actually vote for them. is

The representatives of this same class give pain of poverty, insecurity, bad governance resulting in serious threat to peace, prosperity and progress of Pakistan. This class of politicians clearly lacks any political ideology and is often seen trading basic moral, socio-economic and political values ​​to protect their personal interests.

Certainly, democracy is a grand concept based on certain values ​​that political parties present to the electorate. However, Pakistan is far from being a democratic country as the practice of democracy here is to win elections by any means necessary.

In countries like Pakistan, where voters are seduced by the names of politicians and political parties rather than political ideology, the electoral process begins with the selection of party candidates. Party officials candidates are offered huge payments to secure party tickets. Such a process usually weeds out credible candidates who lack the financial resources to match their political opponents.

Political actors/candidates who are generally unpopular but financially strong also spend huge amounts of money during election campaigns as they are desperate to win the elections at any cost. It is also alleged that such candidates patronize criminals, import arms and ammunition, train youth and help them to fulfill their selfish and self-centered political ambitions. This has resulted in high levels of insecurity and increased criminality in our society today.

After winning the elections, these types of politicians who resort to electoral rigging have only the agenda to withdraw their investment with compound interest and save something for the next election. Expenditure incurred on elections is usually obtained through commissions and kick-backs for constituency development projects. This phenomenon is well illustrated in the book “So Much Aid, So Little Development: Stories from Pakistan” written by Samia Altaf.

The use of development project funds to finance elections (directly or indirectly) increases the suffering of people who live under extreme poverty, hunger, illiteracy and lack of health and other essential amenities of life. live It is estimated that almost half of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line.

Similarly, the situation of insecurity cannot be effectively managed or mitigated without involving the youth in socio-economic and development issues. But election riggers are playing with the lives of most of the talented youth of the country by involving them in criminal activities for their selfish and anti-democratic conspiracies and crimes.

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