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The stretch of road where Cyrus Mistry died due to accidents has seen 26 deaths this year aloneMEERI News

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The Maharashtra Highway Police has said that 26 deaths and 25 serious accidents have occurred this year on the road where businessman Cyrus Mistry met with a fatal accident on September 4 this year because its geometry is not correct.

A 100 km stretch on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway lacks signage and is poorly maintained.

The speed of the car at the time of the accident was beyond the 40 km/h limit, and the impact was too much for the driver to control the car while coming from the left to overtake another vehicle.

Save Life Foundation, an NGO investigating the accident, has claimed that the car Mistry was traveling in was traveling at a speed of 89 km per hour at the time of the accident.

The accident took place on the Surya river bridge near Charoti village in Palghar district.

Maharashtra Highway Police officials revealed that the 100-km stretch of the highway, designated as NH-8, where Mistry died, has seen more than 60 deaths this year. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 26 deaths in 25 serious accidents.

An NGO report and an investigation by the highway police revealed that the highway lacks proper signage, speed-restricting measures and proper maintenance at the pit road near Charoti. These factors played a significant role in the number of accidents seen at the scene.

Highway police officials also cited the NGO’s report and said, “The unfortunate death of former Tata group chairman Cyrus Mistry was a result of the car speeding over the 40 kmph limit.

The report emphasized inadequate treatment for the change in road geometry and the presence of an unsafe parapet wall of the bridge. The road was at a bend and changed from three lanes to one lane.

“Furthermore, the roadside bridge superstructure acted as a rigid object and when the driver was making a left turn from the right lane during a possible overtaking maneuver, the car entered the left hard shoulder, which is narrow. went The car went up the left high curb of the highway; It then hit the parapet wall of the bridge about nine meters ahead at a speed of 89 kmph.

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